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Hi there! We’re Cosmic 👋

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Our core values

Put the customer first

Your success is our success. This principle drives everything we do. It’s the reason we go above and beyond. It’s the reason we approach your projects with a sense of wonder and imagination. Most importantly, it’s the reason we treat our customers like family. We believe if we remain laser focused on generating goodwill and creating designs for our customers, then their happiness will motivate our entire staff. Our wildly successful customers will then inspire the market to seek out the subscription we provide.

Embrace change

In business, if you stop evolving and improving you fall behind. For this reason, we’ve molded the “AGILE” framework to fit the design industry like a glove. Our dynamic approach to design allows our experts to plan for today AND tomorrow when designing. That means you can rest easy knowing the best designers of today run the framework of a subscription that will adapt to your ever evolving needs.

Focus on the big picture

When you see the bigger picture, completing the journey always gets easier. Why? You will embrace the learning curves, you won’t shy away from obstacles and you will actually enjoy improving. This is all part of the journey to your goals. That’s why we encourage our team and clients to stay focused on the big picture at all times. As long as you remain focused, nothing can stop you.

Never settle

We always develop, test, and improve ourselves to make sure we deliver an unparalleled experience to every customer. Our customers deserve the best and so do their customers/audiences. That’s why we go above and beyond in every aspect of business. We refuse to settle for less because we will never ask you to.

Design for the future

We want to design something worth showing, reliable designs that will endure the test of time. We accomplish this by focusing on our customers success, designing premium graphics and planning for long-term growth. This allows us to “future-proof” our designs so they grow right alongside your company.

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